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by Lee "Pints for Peace" Edwards

Big & Easy Brown Ale

Being somewhat of a self proclaimed beer snob I kind of thought twice about doing this beer. While The Big and Easy brand and line of beers are good by their own right; I kind of thought “a good brown with a hop pill?” Not going to happen. So home came the 2 litre bottle and it sat on my kitchen counter mocking me. “Put in the yeast Pill, then the hop pill, wait for me to brew ..... “So I did just that. I peeled of the plastic wrapper, put in the pills and re-sealed the bottle.

The next two weeks were the regular wait and see and the usual dry time that passes whilst waiting on something to drink. Well time up. Place fermented brown into the chill box to get it to the proper chilled goodness. To the cupboard for my newly acquired Hobgoblin glass, and poured up a pint of nicely carbonated, decent head, medium aroma brown ale. At first I was really questioning my choice of vessel to pour this 2 litre bottle brew into. What if I tick off the Hobgoblin spirits? Would I ever be able to pour a pint of goblin again?

First sip (gulp) WOW!. Nice taste. Smooth, yet somewhat hoppy finish. But wait. What is that? It’s a long lingering finish. The little hop pill did its job. Even a full 2-5 minutes after drinking the after taste is still there. Wow! This beer is more than what I had expected. It has all the finer points of really decent English ale. Nice deep brown colour. Medium carbonation and the flavour is all there. That mid malt taste and the ever lingering hop as well. This is one beer that will find a permanent place on my shelf next to my favs The Brew House line of beers. Will I give up on my Brew House? No. Never. They are just too good of a beer and a really trusted brand but I will be doing more of these little—I mean Big and Easy Browns.