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Great Value in Home Crafted Wine

Wine makers are aware of the great value in crafting our own wine but to the uninitiated “homemade” wine is too often synonymous with cheap plonk. There are people who perpetuate this misconception. They are not concerned with quality and their only desire is to make an intoxicating beverage as cheaply and quickly as possible. If you are reading this article it’s unlikely that you fall into that category. You are looking for quality and value. Crafting your own wine delivers in spades! The next time you feel you have to defend your craft here are some facts you can use to make your point.

The most popular wine kits on the market today are made by commercial wineries. Our RJ Spagnols and Winexpert kits are manufactured respectively by subsidiaries of Constellation Brands and Andrew Peller Ltd. These are the two largest wineries in Canada with Constellation Brands being the largest wine company in the world. The juice in these wine kits comes from the same vineyards utilized for popular brands such as Jackson-Triggs, Inniskillin, Hillebrand and Peller Estates.

So if we’re using the same juice as commercial products then it’s only logical to conclude that we have the potential to make wine just as good. It’s no doubt that star wine makers put their individual stamp on a wine by using different fermentation, blending and ageing methods which takes many years of study and practice. Now here’s where you receive amazing value for your money. if you follow your wine kit instructions precisely and age it properly you will make wines that can compare favourably with commercial products.
Alcohol is nature’s gift to you. When you craft your own wine you are taking advantage of nature’s largess but when you buy it at the wine store you are paying for the taxes and markup on alcohol which is the most expensive part of the bottle. The other big cost in making commercial wine is time. Aging wine costs vintners about six to nine percent a year for financing and equipment. When you make a wine from one of our premium En Primeur or Cellar Classic Winery kits you are getting ingredients that you would normally find in a $30 to $50 bottle of wine! Use good winemaking procedures, follow the directions exactly and age your wines for one to three years and I would defy anyone to differentiate your wine from a similar commercial wine.

There is one other factor that we can’t forget—the experience. The satisfaction and sense of ownership that comes from crafting your own wine cannot be bought at the wine store.