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mark wood

by Mark Wood

California Bound

Newfoundland’s greatest export has always been its people. Because the First Airborne Homebrew Division is based in Newfoundland, it has fell victim to this rule.

In late August we toasted, roasted, properly drowned and bid fond farewell to one of our members, Mike Hefferan. It was a typical raucous occasion resplendent with fire, five flavours of our finest homebrew and the usual suspects, hangers-on and ne’er-do-well’s. We started late on Fryday night and finished early Saturday morning as we are often wont to do. Here are some excerpts, for your entertainment:

Smokin’ Joe: “Armed with little more than a decent homebrew recipe and a PhD in Neuropharmacology, Mike is heading out to California to seek his fame and fortune.” (A toast, mugs filled.)

Jimmy Two Fires: “Mike also won the Merck-Frosst Pharmaceutical Award in Canada this year!” (A toast, mugs filled.) The blaze was stoked, backs were slapped, and Jimmy Two Fires’ shirt accidentally went up in flames. Amidst the confusion we all enthusiastically agreed to drive Mike to California, bright and early tomorrow afternoon.

Smokin’ Joe maintained his composure. “Mike can set up his own chapter of the First Airborne Homebrew Division up there.” He was getting wound up, as any charismatic leader should. “Like the bacterial yeast of homebrew, we will multiply by dividing. It’ll be a coast-to-coast continental operation, a joint effort!”

This resolution sparked the crew tremendously and as usual prompted a high tide of foamage, clinkage and spillage.

The evening tore on without incident, so did Mike. Stay tuned for a live report from California.

Mark is also a regular columnist with The Independent (.ca) newspaper.