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mark wood

by Mark Wood

Brewing Calender

One of the privileges of owning your own brewery is your exceedingly generous ability to entertain large thirsty groups of people with the finest suds you have ever made. However, such occasions require planning so they do not deplete your own personal stash.

I cruise at an altitude of one beer kit every two months and it takes a month and a half to prepare for a bash so I have comprised a general brewing calendar for the year 2000.

Feb/Valentines Day: A dozen roses say that you love her, give her a dozen beer and you’ll be killed.

March/ St. Patricks Day: I tried to explain this one to a friend
from Alberta and couldn’t. I have no idea what we are celebrating except a sleet storm. Put on an extra batch for the impending power failure.

May 24th Weekend: Say no more. Put on a batch and head for
the hills.

June: Schools out, capelin are in, bar-b-que season, extra batch.

July: vacation and visitors require summer sipping, extra batch.

August: Regatta? Raise your hand if you stay up late Tuesday nite, I know your kind, put on a batch.

September: Labour day. Last chance to head for the cabin, make a batch if you do.

October: Halloween? Some people have huge parties, brew if you do.

November: Major preparations for Christmas and New Year.

Remember this is just a rough outline and did not include prime opportunities such as birthdays, special occasions or sunsets.

Mark is also a regular columnist with The Independent (.ca) newspaper.